Are you wondering if you should sign up your child for a Teddy Eddie course?
We do believe you should!

learning takes place in a playful way, in small groups, in cosy, colourful classrooms

the approach guarantees steady progress, a smooth transition from level to level, and continuity in the learning process.

the method includes an exceptionally wide vocabulary range (always introduced and practised in fullsentences); classes are conducted by qualified teachers under the constant supervision of methodology advisers

support for parents includes a unique Parents’ Guide as well as ongoing information about the course in the form of open lessons, regular emails, parents’ meetings and a reliable system for evaluating your child’s progress

licensing rules guarantee a high standard of teaching and appropriate teacher training

the materials appeal to children’s sense of humour and make use of child-friendly, storybook settings

the unparalleled richness of the language content allows genuine immersion in the foreign language

our approach reflects natural language acquisition processes and is truly communicative

About the course

Each Book in the TEDDY EDDIE Method has been designed for 60 class meetings, lasting 35 to 45 minutes each.
Classes are held twice a week.

TEACHERS who conduct classes go through a strict recruitment process according to the guidelines of the Licenser. Their overall level of language competence, English pronunciation and, of course, their ability to work with children, are subject to thorough examination. Those selected are given comprehensive training, including selected aspects of foreign language teaching methodology, the specifics of working with preschool children, and a thorough introduction to the TEDDY EDDIE Method. They are also equipped with detailed instructions, procedures, lesson plans and supplementary materials to enrich their lessons. Classes are regularly supervised and discussed with the Method Supervisor. Selected lessons are recorded and then viewed by the Licenser’s methodologists. These lessons are evaluated according to the TEDDY EDDIE METHOD STANDARD, not only to maintain the highest quality courses, but also to constantly develop the skills of the teachers conducting these classes.

A very important aspect of the method is the teacher’s ONGOING CONTACT WITH PARENTS.

Parents can expect:

• regular verbal reports about the progress of a the whole group and/or their own child, provided after each class

• weekly emails with information about the material covered and suggestions about how the new language can be revised with a their   child at home

• open classes at the end of each semester

• written end-of-term reports about their child’s progress

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