What is Savvy Ed like?

Savvy Ed is very ambitious. Children aged 7-10, who are actually still very young, master a vast amount of course material. At the same time, Savvy Ed is exceptionally learner-friendly; the secret to our success lies in the fact that our students do not realise how much they learn and how much we expect of them. They learn so easily because we build on their knowledge and language experience acquired in the past years.

Who is Savvy Ed intended for? 

Savvy Ed is intended for students who CONTINUE THEIR ENGLISH EDUCATION following a strong preschool program, such as Teddy Eddie. Savvy Ed is not a beginner course.




or gradual progress through repetition, sentence use and proper organisation of language content



Much more than just a course book, Savvy Ed is a comprehensive teaching philosophy, incorporating both a well-designed course content and a complete set of teaching aids. While developing the course, we considered the point of view ofall parties involved, including students, parents, teachers and school managers.



As they have been integrated in the method itself, they cannot be left out! Elements ofGAMIFICATION are used in class (e.g. children collect gold nuggets to build their own Gold Kingdom). Savvy Ed sends letters to students from his travels around the world to motivate them and reward their active participation and involvement.



To support the development and to unlock the full potential of our young students, evaluation of learning outcomes is based on the FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT method.



Each Savvy Ed level has been designed for 60 class meetings in a language school environment, lasting 60 minutes each. The course may also be taught at private elementary schools, where five 45 minute classes a week are required.



Those who conduct classes undergo a strict recruitment process according to the Licenser’sguidelines. The aim of this process is to evaluate their overall level of language competence, English pronunciation and their ability to work with children.

The selected teachers are offered training in the specifics of working with elementary school children and our language teaching method. We also equip them with detailed instructions, procedures, lesson plans and supplementary materials to enrich their lessons.

Classes are regularly supervised and discussed with a Local Savvy Ed Method Coordinator.Selected lessons are recorded and analysed by the Licenser’s methodology consultants. They are evaluated against our SAVVY ED METHOD STANDARD, not only to maintain the highest quality of courses, but also to constantly offer new development opportunities for teachers.



One very important aspect of the method is ONGOING TEACHER-PARENTS COMMUNICATION. Parents can expect:

- verbal reports about course material covered in class and homework assigned, provided after each session

- homework and course progress information provided in the Parent’s Book

- regular reports about course content covered, group progress and individual learners achievements provided
 in an electronic grade book or sent via email (depending on the school’s communication system)

- one open class per semester